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Anthropology Internships in Charleston

Below is a list of possible internship placements for Anthropology majors broken down by area of interest. Click on the specific area of interest for a list of internship placements available in that area.

Please remember that you should first meet with the Anthropology Internship Coordinator, Dr. Dee Dee Joyce, before you contact an internship site. Dr. Joyce will talk with you to help you identify the most appropriate organization/site in which to complete an internship, keeping your interests, strengths and career objectives in mind. You can contact Dr. Joyce at or (843) 953-4863.

Anthropology Internships

Other Internship Possibilities

Archaeology Internships

South Carolina State Parks

Archaeology internship opportunities are available through South Carolina State Parks.  Students participating in these internships will acquire skills in excavation, site mapping, photography, and site interpretation, as well as laboratory methods.  Students will also gain public archaeology skills, such as organizing volunteer labor and explaining archaeological work to park visitors.

See, specifically,

1. Charles Towne Landing Historic Site
1500 Old Towne Road
Charleston,South Carolina 29403

CONTACT: Nicole Isenbarger, Archaeologist CTL
OR: David Jones, Archaeologist SCPRT

DESCRIPTION: Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site (CTL) is one of the premier archaeological sites in South Carolina, and one of the flagship historic sites within the South Carolina State Parks system.  Anthropology students seeking a focus in Historical Archaeology will benefit from their time spent at CTL, where they will have the opportunity to work on one of the few 17th century archaeological sites and collections in the state. Past student interns have gained experience in both field and laboratory techniques, public archaeology, curation, as well as museum and exhibit maintenance. Field experience covers everything from excavation techniques, unit photography methods, mapping, collecting and processing special samples, public interaction, and routine site maintenance. We also offer lab opportunities allowing students to gain experience in all stages of artifact processing from the initial washing to conservation and exhibition.

Comments From Students:

  • "Being at Charles Towne Landing has truly made me realize how much I love history, and especially, how happy I am in my progress with historical AND prehistoric ceramic identification. It felt like such an accomplishment when I was at the Michaux site the other weekend, and I could ID a piece of pottery out of the ground." Elizabeth L.
  • "I would recommend this placement if someone is interested in working in the park service, whether it is national or the state. They are willing to work with your interest and will personalize your position based on those interests." Adrian S.

2. Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
300 State Park Rd.
Summerville, SC 29485

CONTACT: Ashley Chapman, Archaeologist Colonial Dorchester
OR: David Jones, Archaeologist SCPRT

DESCRIPTION: Located in Summerville, SC, Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site is an archaeological preserve under the management of the South Carolina Park Service. The site consists of an entire Colonial-era town (est. 1697) situated along the Ashley River. This historic site has been virtually undisturbed by modern development, offering a unique setting for historical archaeological research and preservation.

Students interested in Historical Archaeology are presented with the opportunity to further develop their skills with the principles of archaeological field and lab methods.  Additionally, students will learn how to orchestrate volunteer and public archaeology programs for school groups and adult education.

Comments from Students:

  • "Through hands-on experience I have learned what it takes [to be an archaeologist], from plotting points in an area to cataloguing the artifacts dug up from that point and analyzing the data into ideas about the people that lived there. This internship was like a miniature field school, but with extra teaching on park services. I had no idea that I would come out of this with so much more knowledge than I had before." Benjamin C.

3. Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
1950 Rutledge Rd
McClellanville, SC 29458

CONTACT: David Jones, Archaeologist SCPRT
OR: Stacey Young, Archaeologist Hampton Plantation

DESCRIPTION: Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, located in McClellanville, South Carolina was home to the Horry and Rutledge families and their enslaved workers for generations. The mansion house, detached kitchen, and former rice fields are the few visible above ground remains of the plantation.  Current archaeological investigations are focusing on an early eighteenth century site that appears to have an enslaved African, Native American, and European presence. Students interested in an internship at Hampton Plantation will develop basic skills in lab methods, while helping us to understand this site that pre-dates the establishment of Hampton Plantation. Opportunities to assist in the field with volunteer archaeological excavations at Hampton Plantation in the Spring and Fall will also be availalbe. The lab portion of the internship will be conducted at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in Charleston.

Opportunities may be available for advanced students. Selected students will choose one aspect of the laboratory work (such as a specific artifact type i.e. buttons, beads, ceramics) and write a short paper or summary of the work. Summaries could lead to presentations at a local conference or lecture, published in the SC State Parks newsletter, or incorporated into the site report.

Brockington and Associates
498 Wando Park Boulevard, Suite 700
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

DESCRIPTION: Interns work on Brockington cultural resources consulting projects (fieldwork survey and excavation, laboratory analyses, artifact curation, and site report preparation).  

Drayton Hall
3380 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414

CONTACT: Sarah E. Stroud, Archaeologist & Preservation Coordinator
PHONE:  843-769-2637
FAX:  843-766-0878

DESCRIPTION: Sarah Stroud is the Archaeologist/Preservation Coordinator at Drayton Hall and is concurrently working on her PhD in Anthropology from Syracuse University. Her day-to-day activities involve both field excavations as related to the critical priorities of Drayton Hall and our ongoing research questions as well as well as processing an enormous collection of previously excavated artifacts that we are now bringing into the 21st century. Drayton Hall has just installed the Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS) database on-site ( and this fall will begin cataloging the backlog of artifacts from the 1970s and 80s. This will provide great opportunities for Anthropology/Archaeology students who are interested in a hands-on opportunity to learn more about artifact identification and the process that is involved before an artifact is entered into a digital database. Because of limited space there is an interview process and all interested students, after meeting with the department internship coordinator, should e-mail a resume, short statement of purpose as to why you are interested in this internship and an unofficial transcript to Ms. Stroud at  

USC's South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA)
Charleston Office of the Maritime Research Division at Fort Johnson, SC (James Island).

CONTACT: Jessica Irwin, Manager CFO, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Maritime Archaeologist.
PHONE: 843-762-6105


Jessica Irwin, an Underwater Archaeologist at SCIAA, is looking for interns to work 6-9 hours/week. The intern will be able to register for 2 to 3 credits of ANTH 381: Anthropology Internship. Internships with SCIAA range from Collections and Database Management, working with GIS, assisting with Education and Outreach activities, and Conducting Historical Research. There is some room to develop internships based on student interest, however, internships based on the needs of the institute will come first.

The intern will work at the Charleston Office of the Maritime Research Division located at Fort Johnson, SC (James Island). This office is about 10-15 minutes from downtown Charleston.  The position is in the lab and diving experience is not necessary.  

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Biological Anthropology Internships

American Red Cross of Lowcountry SC
2424-A City Hall Lane
North Charleston, SC 29406

CONTACT: Carly Fountain
PHONE: 843-480-4247
FAX: 843-764-2318

DESCRIPTION: Students may have opportunities for placements in public relations, volunteer services, disaster services, RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program), and Armed Forces Emergency Services departments.  

MUSC, Dept. of Pathology (Autopsy section)
MUSC, Dept. of Pathology
Autopsy Section, MSC 908
171 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC 29425

CONTACT: Dr. S. Erin Presnell
PHONE: 843-792-3575
OR: Ashley Woolridge

DESCRIPTION: Forensic pathology; the student may observe autopsies and ask questions but cannot perform patient care duties.  During observation, the student will assist in the organization of the autopsy paperwork and other administrative duties. Of note, the student is required to participate at least one weekend per month. Before applying for an internship, the student will first need to contact his or her college professor who is supervising internships for endorsement and provision of the college's internship course requirements and evaluation rubric.

MUSC's Department of Pathology, Medical and Forensic Autopsy Section has the following requirements for students doing internships:

1. The candidate must be in good academic standing at their college.  

2. The candidate's resume must be submitted for review, and an interview arranged with one of the forensic pathologists and the pathologist assistant, Ms. Ashley Wooldridge.

3. The intern must submit a proposal for a forensic pathology-related topic or case study to be presented at the end of the internship to the faculty and staff of the MUSC Medical and Forensic Autopsy Section. Presentations should be 15 to 20 minutes in length. The college internship supervisor and a forensic pathologist must review the proposal for suitability and practicality.

4. The intern must successfully receive clearance and complete training with the MUSC Volunteer Office.                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Comments From Students:

  •  "I really enjoyed my time at autopsy... I'm glad I had an anatomy class before taking the internship because I was able to see inside the body everything I'd learned and more... The staff, techs, and doctors were wonderful. Extremely relaxed and willing to answer my million questions a case." Perri K.

  • "As much as I wish I could change my career and go into pathology, this internship did not change my career plans. If anything, I am more excited about and dedicated to my chosen career [forensic anthropology] than I was before I saw my first autopsy." Mary D.

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Cultural Anthropology Internships

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding
Located at Brickhouse Equestrian Center
2669 Hamilton Road
Johns Island, SC 29455

CONTACT: Anja Cain, Program Coordinator
PHONE: CATR: 843-559-6040
FAX: CATR: 843-559-0176

DESCRIPTION: Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding improves the lives of children and adults with disabilities at the area's oldest nationally accredited therapeutic horseback riding center. An Intern has the opportunity to work directly with children and horses in our therapeutic riding program and/or assist with volunteer and non-profit management and event planning.  

ACLU of South Carolina (American Civil Liberties Union)
P.O. Box 20998
Charleston, SC 29413

CONTACT: Shaundra Young Scott, Esq., Exectutive Director of the SC ACLU office.
: 843-282-7952
FAX: 843-720-1428
OR: Jessica McFadden

DESCRIPTION: “ACLU of South Carolina is seeking a student volunteer with strong communications and research skills (interest in public policy and/or government or journalism a plus). We seek assistance with ad hoc projects that include researching and drafting op-eds, speeches, fact sheets, and web content on civil liberties. We also need help designing a communications strategy to reach new members, especially the youth audience. The volunteer will work under the supervision of both the office coordinator and executive director. Please send your resume or CV or relevant academic and work experience to us at”  

HALOS (Helping and Lending Outreach Support)
4995 Lacross Rd.

Ste. 1250

North Charleston, SC 29406

CONTACT: Andrea Thames, Family Advocate
PHONE: 843-990-9568

DESCRIPTIONKinship Care Program Intern

Purpose of Internship HALOS mission is to provide support and advocacy to abused and neglected children and their kinship caregivers. Candidates will assist the Kinship Care Family Advocate with the organization and implementation of the Kinship Care Program and to promote HALOS in the general community.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in compiling/updating a Community Resource guide and other materials for program participants
  • Assist with research and data collection regarding local, state and national kinship statistics and trends
  • Assist in coordination of the planning and implementation of support groups, respite events and fundraisers for the program
  • Coordinate educational opportunities for program participants as well as work to educating the community and other agencies of the service provided by HALOS and the Kinship Care Program
  • Participate in staff meetings, networking meetings, team meetings, and other meetings as assigned
  • Assist Resource Coordinator with coordination of annual campaigns
  • Assist Family Advocate with provision of home based family services


  • Must attend orientation session and sign confidentiality forms.
  • Complete necessary South Carolina background check prior to commencing internship.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to support interactions with families, community outreach, and referral sources and be comfortable interacting with external regulatory agencies and staff.
  • Ability to work effectively with children in a stressful environment.
  • Reliability and ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Desire to work with children and their kinship families.
  • Must have reliable transportation and valid insurance.

Benefits of Position

  • Hands-on experience working with kinship care cases involving children and their families.
  • Opportunity to network with human services professionals in a non-profit setting.
  • Gain experience in planning and implementing activities and special events

Water Mission
1150 Kinzer St, Bldg 1605
N Charleston, SC 29405

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 71489
Charleston, SC 29415

CONTACT: Kristen Check, Program Evaluation Coordinator
PHONE: 843-769-7395

DESCRIPTION: Water Mission is a non-profit Christian engineering organization that builds safe water solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Mission has provided access to safe water for more than 3.1 million people in 52 countries. The Community Development at Water Mission often seeks interns to assist with a variety of research activities. Cultural anthropology students interested in international development, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), medical anthropology, and global/public health would be especially interested in this opportunity. Depending on research needs, interns may have the opportunity to contribute to planning qualitative research studies, piloting new methodologies and modes of inquiry, transcribing ethnographic interviews, analyzing data to include medical records, intereviews, focus groups and survery, and writing internal reports and drafts for academic pubications.

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Educational Internships

Trident Literacy Association
St. Julian Devine Community Center
1 Cooper Street
Charleston, SC
9am-3pm, Monday-Thursday

CONTACT: Eileen Chepenik, Executive Director
PHONE: 843-469-2512

DESCRIPTION: Trident Literacy is an adult education program. They do very rewarding work - and there is lots of work to be done. Some of the opportunities would involve one-on-one and small-group tutoring in a variety of subject areas (only the ones in which the intern feels confident), helping with paperwork and administrative responsibilities, and any other responsibilities that may arise in conjunction with helping adults improve their skills so they can become qualified for jobs. "We've always focused on our downtown location for the convenience of students, but we have other locations around the tri-county area that also need help, so the options are open if the intern would prefer another location."

Comments From Students:

  • "I've decided to stay on as a volunteer through the summer. I want to see my students take their GEDs. I promised them if they pass I'll take them out to dinner. I've also decided that I want to get my tutor certification through the ProLiteracy organization... I would definitely suggest my placement to other students." Meghan W.

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ESL (English As A Second Language) Internships

Our Lady of Mercy Outreach Services
1684 Brownswood Rd,
Johns Island, SC 29455

CONTACT: Maria Gurovich, Education Director
843-559-4109 ext. 102

DESCRIPTION: There are different opportunities depending on the student's interest. Services provided on Johns Island include English as a second language classes and social services.

Comments From Students:

  • "Today...we learned about Easter and the traditions each student has for the holiday. We learned different words for the methods of cooking food such as bake, boil, broil, fry, steam, etc. We did a listening and writing activity concerning our new vocabulary ... I love all my students so much. I promised I would be back for their graduation in May, and I plan to stick to that promise." Lindsay P.

The Outreach Learning Center at St. Matthew's
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
405 King St.
Charleston, SC 29403

CONTACT: Hayden Shook, ESL program manager
PHONE: 843-579-0420, ext. 32

DESCRIPTION: Opportunities in this active community center within walking distance of campus to work in adult literacy and English as a second language programs.

Comments From Students:

  • "My favorite part of the internship was working with the children. I hope to continue to build upon that interest in my anthropological studies through the anthropology of education and comparative child studies/comparative parenting practices. I think my time at the internship has helped my organizational skills and has contributed to my knowledge of children and effective programming... Over the course of this internship I have decided... to continue with my studies in anthropology and pursue a doctorate after graduation." Rebecca K.

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Environmental Internships

Audubon South Carolina
Remotely OR
336 Sanctuary Road
Harleyville, SC 29448

CONTACT: Matt Johnson, Director of Bird Conservation & Engagement
PHONE:  843-462-2150 or 803-429-5571

DESCRIPTION: Audubon South Carolina internships (non-paid) offer experience to students interested in conservation of natural habitats in South Carolina with an emphasis on bird conservation, native plant initiatives, and climate resiliency.  Protecting birds and their habitats from human activity is at the forefront of Audubon’s mission, and fortunately for birds, people living in towns and cities can still play a critical role in fostering healthy wildlife and communities.  Internship work experiences include photography in the field, coordinating and recruiting volunteers, compilation of educational and interpretive materials in PowerPoint or Publisher software, engagement of local schools programming, documentation and GIS map making (experience preferred), assistance with our new Bird-friendly and Climate-Resiliency Recognition Programs, and coordinating outreach for our legislative resolutions and initiatives. Internships can include one or multiple jobs listed. Other opportunities can be made based on mutual agreement between the inter and the supervisor. Schedule can be flexible, but more field opportunities will be available for students who have one free day during the work week. Must be reliable and enthusiastic. 


Charleston Sustainability Initiatives
2 George Street
Charleston, SC 29401

CONTACT: Jacob Lindsey
OFFICE: 843-724-3776
FAX: 843-724-3772

DESCRIPTION: The City of Charleston is seeking volunteer interns to support its sustainability initiatives of the City. These can include: 1) the Green Business Challenge and 2) supporting the communications of sustainability
initiatives of the region.

Charleston Moves
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 21625, Charleston, SC 29413

CONTACT: Savannah Brennan, Membership & Outreach Coordinator
PHONE: 843-579-4100

DESCRIPTION: "Charleston Moves is a non-profit organization promoting bicycling, walking, running, and public transportation for a healthy community and healthy lifestyle." Charleston Moves actively seeks out qualified interns to assist in community outreach, membership services, and events assistance, as the need arises.  

Lowcountry Local First:(Growing New Farmers Program)
1603-2 Meeting St.
Charleston, SC 29405
Field Days: Wednesdays, Middleton Place

CONTACT:  Brian Wheat, Director of Sustainable Agriculture

DESCRIPTION: "Eat Local" Sustainable Agriculture Initiative - Internship Opportunities The "Eat Local" sustainable agricultural initiative grows and supports local food systems by connecting Lowcountry farms, producers, and apprentices to local restaurants, institutions, and people with a hunger for farm fresh food and goods. Are you interested in working with the Lowcountry Local First team to grow the local food movement? The Director of Sustainable Agriculture is currently seeking assistance in program organization, coordination, and implementation. These positions provide the opportunity to gain insight and make connections in the local agricultural and culinary communities while creating a valuable work portfolio. Please see internship positions listed below:   Lowcountry Local First is in the beginning stages of planning a farm tour for the Spring of 2012. Project intern will be responsible for developing outreach materials, coordinating logistics, assisting in farm tour advertisement, and final tour implementation.   Lowcountry Local First currently has over 50 member restaurants and is seeking an intern to provide great contact and assistance to these members. Project intern will be responsible for data compilation, creating outreach materials, and acting as a liaison between chefs and the Director of Sustainable Agriculture.   Lowcountry Local First is launching an Incubator Farm for the Spring of 2012. Project intern will assist with document creation and organization, program advertisement/outreach, and research.   Farm Tour Intern: Farm to Table Intern: Incubator Farm Intern: All candidates must be very organized, independent, and willing to meet strict deadlines. Must provide your own computer and transportation. Please note these positions are heavily administrative. If you are interested in gaining farm experience, please visit our Growing New Farmers Program webpage. To learn more about our programs, please visit Apply Now! After meeting with the Anthropology Internship Coordinator, you may send your resume to with the internship title in the subject line (e.g., RE: Incubator Farm Intern).  

Nature Conservancy, Charleston Office
1417 Stuart Engals Blvd, Ste 100
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
P.O.Box 20246
Charleston, SC 29413

CONTACT: Heather Hulton Van Tassel, Ph.D.
PHONE:  843-937-8807
FAX:  843-937-6735

DESCRIPTION: The Nature Conservancy in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is looking for non-paid interns interested in conservation of natural habitats in South Carolina with an emphasis on land protection and conservation. Internship work experiences include photography in the field, field work, documentation of landscapes, and organization of documents. Other opportunities can be made based on agreement between the intern and the supervisor. Schedule can be flexible, but more field opportunities will be available for students who have one free day during the work week. Must be reliable and enthusiastic. No prior experience needed.

Interested interns should send resume and letter of interest to Heather Hulton Van Tassel, Ph.D.

Office of Sustainability at the College of Charleston 
14 Greenway, College of Chalreston, Charleston SC 29424

CONTACT: Ashley Lavender

DESCRIPTION: Created in the fall of 2011, the Office of Sustainability at the College of Charleston is comprised of undergraduate and graduate interns working under the direction of full time office staff. The purpose and vision of this Office is: To generate and apply knowledge through holistic praxis to create sustainable solutions that transform society by rethinking, redesigning and restoring integrated systems. The Office of Sustainability is looking for motivated and dedicated students for internships in the spring, summer, and fall. Both paid and unpaid internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

As our projects are student driven initiatives, applicants must be self-motivated, organized, and have a passion for sustainability. A portion of the internship will include intern personal development, and professionalism and leadership training. While some of the positions may be working on pre-determined projects, the Office of Sustainability promotes creativity and collaboration and any new initiative will be considered for implementation.

The Office of Sustainability is looking for self-starting individuals with an ability to brainstorm creative solutions to current challenges facing our community. Potential candidates should be organized, hardworking, and detail oriented with the desire to be a change agent in society. Additionally, applicants should desire to further the vision of the Office of Sustainability by implementing projects and ideas that will create a more sustainable CofC. Experience and knowledge in the field of sustainability is a plus, but not a prerequisite for this position. Preference will be given to those applicants demonstrating skills in leading experiments and project management. Responsibilities include working with campus associates as well as other community members to further building and strengthening our relationship with the community of Charleston. For more information on our internship program please email  and check out our website at

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Museum and Archival Internships

Addleston Library, Special Collections
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424

CONTACT: Mary Jo Fairchild, Manager of Research Services
PHONE: 843-953-8016

DESCRIPTION: The Special Collections department offers internship opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to gain experience working with archival collections and researchers. Primarily designed for academic credit and in collaboration with an intern's faculty advisor, Special Collections internships are structured to last for one academic term. All internships are supervised and evaluated by the Manager of Research Services, Manager of Archival Processing, and/or other members of Special Collections staff. Special Collections internships are competitive and promote undergraduate and graduate research, scholarship, and creativity with a goal of more fully integrating Special Collections into the pedagogical and public missions of the College of Charleston to foster distinctive opportunities and relationships in the city of Charleston, state of South Carolina, and the world.

The scope of Special Collections internship projects is somewhat flexible, based upon the needs of Special Collections and the interests of an individual candidate. Some examples of possible internship responsibilities include:

Reference: providing reference support in the Special Collections Reading Room by assisting visiting patrons and students locate relevant primary source materials for their research. Students may also create research guides for specific courses of subjects of interest.

Exhibit curation: researching, mounting, display, and caption writing for Special Collections exhibits, both physical and digital.

Manuscripts processing: learning the basics of archival organization while arranging and describing all or part of a manuscript collection. This might include sorting, cleaning, arranging, boxing, researching the person, business, or organization, or creating and encoding finding aids to enhance access and discoverability of collections.

Digital projects: Digital projects might include research into collections, and providing images and information for blogs or chosen social media outlets.

Preservation: training in conservation activities can include repair of archival/rare materials; environmental monitoring; and stabilization and re-housing of library materials.

Special Collections intern candidates need attention to detail, organizational skills, and an ability to work with the public and on a team.

In addition to the internship project(s), special collections interns are required to:

  • Maintain an internship log, including in it the experiences and challenges that they encountered over the course of their project;
  • Complete an internship assessment and self-evaluation;
  • Write at least one blog post or essay about their project, for publication in library newsletters or the departmental blog.
  • Create a plan for next steps, if a project is not completed in the original scheduled duration of an internship.

How To Apply

After meeting with the Anthropology Internship Coordinator, prospective interns should complete the Special Collections Internship Application (see deadlines below). After the application is completed and reviewed, Special Collections staff may schedule an interview with the prospective intern to determine fit as well as describe the current projects available at the time. Special Collections staff may elect not to take on an intern after this initial meeting. Internship applications must be submitted at least 30 (preferably 60 for internships beginning in the spring) days in advance of the start of the internship term (fall, spring, summer).

The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture
College of Charleston
125 Bull Bull Street
Charleston, SC 29401

CONTACT: Patricia Williams-Lessane, Executive Director
PHONE: 843-953-7234
FAX: 843-953-7607

DESCRIPTION: Interns may be involved in a variety of activities at Avery such as documenting, evaluating, organizing, and preserving the Center's archival and permanent collections, helping with exhibitions, event planning, and providing research assistance.

Comments From Students: 

  • "I love being in a work environment learning to give tours or helping with research.  I find it hard to understand African American History and Culture unless it's tangible and this is tangible!" Shajuania C.

The Charleston Museum (America's First Museum, founding in 1773)
360 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29403

CONTACT: Stephanie Thomas, Chief of Education and Intrepretation
PHONE: 843-722-2996 ext. 236

DESCRIPTION: There are a number of departments at The Charleston Musuem - Archaeology, Textiles, Archives, History and Education that have internships available. This is one of our most popular and valuable internships. Depending on interest, interns can work on artifact analysis, excavations, computer services or museum management. The internship in The Charleston Museum's archives, one of the best kept secrets in the Holy City, entails a large amount of data entry, but there are also opportunities to learn basic collections managments skills and to assist with a variety of tasks. The data focuses on archaeological and historical artifacts, thus coordinating with the student's field of study. The archives internship should serve as an interesting introduction into museum registration methods.

Comments From Students:

  • "After interning with the museum I have realized that I am much more interested in archaeology and anthropology than I was before.  I have been thinking of going to graduate school for anthropology.  I also really enjoyed the artifact conservation." Greer G.

  • "I am working with a computer program called "Past Perfect: that museums use to catalogue all of their items including fossils, artifacts, textiles, etc.  It can be used as a search engine if one needs to look for something in particular...My favorite experience at The Charleston Museum has been to explore the museum's storeroom on the days I would help pack and unpack artifacts.  The museum storeroom is a large, temperature-controlled room that holds all the museum materials that are not on display." Britney C. (completed the Archives internship)

The Edmondston-Alston House
21 East Battery
Charleston, SC 29401

CONTACT:  Virginia Mizell, Collection Care Manager
PHONE:  843-722-7171

DESCRIPTION:  The Edmondston-Alston House at 21 East Battery was built in 1825 and is one of Charleston's oldest homes built on Charleston's High Battery. Purchased by Charles Alston in 1838, 90% of the collection is original to the family.  Collection care interns learn museum standards for the care of the entire house and the museum collection. Candidates must possess a quiet and calm attitude to handle pieces in the collection. Candidates must also be comfortable working alone.  The Museum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am until 4:30 pm, and Sunday and Monday, 1 pm until 4:30 pm. We would require the intern to be available on Monday mornings because weekly maintenance and cleaning takes place during this time. We are flexible to work with any students schedule during the rest of the week.

The Heyward-Washington House & The Joseph Manigault House

The Heyward-Washington House 87 Church Street

The Joseph Manigault House 350 Meeting Street

PHONE: 843-722-2996 ext. 236

DESCRIPTION: Interns will give house tours as well as complete a research project on a topic concerning the history of one of our sites. Topics include slavery, archaeology, women's history, decorative arts, and more. Internship would require self-study in the archives on various topics as well as public speaking to groups of people.

Waring Historical Library
Medical University of South Carolina
175 Ashley Ave., MSC 403
Charleston, SC 29425-4030

CONTACT: Susan Hoffius, Curator
PHONE: 843-792-2288
FAX: 843-792-8619

DESCRIPTION: The Waring Historical Library (and its subunit, the University Archives) are looking for interns for the fall and spring.  We have a number of projects lined up which we can match to the particular interests of your students.  Included among those projects are: research and support for oral history projects; organizing our oversized image collection; working with our digital archivist to prepare materials for scanning, including harvesting of meta-data for record; and others. We would like students to work a minimum of 6-8 hours per week for 6 weeks in order for both parties to get the most out of the partnership.  Hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.  The internships can start immediately.  Depending on the project the student will work with me, Brooke Fox (University Archivist), or Tabitha Samuel (Digital Archivist). Comments From Students: 

  • "This internship made me realize how much I love research, especially medical research...I love what I did in this internship and would like to work in similar areas of research in the future.  Overall, this experience has been entirely beneficial and I've loved everyone I've been able to work with on this internship." Lia D.

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National and International Internships

National and International Internship Sites Listed by CofC's Career Services
Anthropology Internship List, compiled by the American Anthropological Association

North American Archaeology Department of the American Museum of Natural History

Internships through the Smithsonian

Anthropology Internships Abroad, from
Internship Opportunities for Anthropology Students interested in International Development, compiled by George Washington University


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